Learning Space

With a total area of 7.9 acres, 24,000 square meters is dedicated for several playgrounds and learning areas, 50 rooms for classrooms and 700 square meters for other learning facilities. Tonkla School is designed based on the concept that classrooms do not only fit four walls, and learning must occur in every square meter of the school.

Class spaces

  • Kindergarten level: the focus is put on versatile use of space so that teachers can build good relationships with little students. They can use corners in classrooms to design activities for various types of play and storytelling to gain trust and build safe space. The outdoor playing area such as Finn Park 1 equipped with nature-based design and Sensory Integration to stimulate children’s physical development. Playgrounds and large green fields are all designed according to their age range and their development to spark curiosity of each little one.
  • Primary school: classrooms are used as part of a learning process that requires peace, attention and focus, and practice of special skills such as writing to create collaboration between teachers and students who co-construct learning experience in their classes. Primary school students will be able to use other learning facilities such as Happy Digital Learning Space, Fine Art Space and Imagineering Lab which are equipped with real-life and professional tools for students to learn new life skills.
  • Sports and outdoor activities: the sport facilities of Tonkla School consist of a 150-meter-running track, a green field, Finn Park 1 for fine and gross motor skills development and Finn Park 2 for activities such as cycling, a basketball court and a swimming pool for small children.

Conference rooms

The 198-seat large conference hall and the 63-seat small conference auditorium are designed for both school and children’s activities such as performances and theatrical activities. Moreover, children can use the red stage for their own small talent share (our terminology for talent show 🙂

Tonkla’s Institute of Sensory Integration (TISI)

The TISI activity is a physical, social and emotional development led by professional occupational therapists from the Power Play Center, with a focus on students with special needs or students whose parents are interested in further development of Sensory Integration on top of what the school has already provided.


The learning area where Tonkla students spend their freetime to rest, pick up the books they are interested in, stay at the corners they feel safe and have a good time reading. It is also the area for students and parents’ activities. At the library, there is always a hearty Gorilla waiting to welcome students.

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