Kindergarten Curriculum from Finland

HEI Schools Teacher Toolkit is a high standard curriculum from Finland that elevates the school curriculum to international standard. It comes with Finnish-style early childhood education management, curriculum structure, teaching materials, assessment tools. Also, it furthers the development of teacher potential through regular exchanges with the HEI Schools team in Finland.

This Curriculum Is Developed from Researchers and Studies in Early Childhood Education from the Number One University in Finland.

HEI Schools or Helsinki International Schools was founded by the University of Helsinki, one of the oldest and largest universities in Finland. It is an education specialist that provides schools with early childhood education design and teacher training based on research in Nordic countries. HEI Schools offer their extensive experiences, as well as consistent support for members.  HEI Schools has opened international kindergarten in almost 30 countries around the world.

HEI Schools Teacher Toolkit X Tonkla School

Tonkla School has been using the Learn Through Play approach for 12 years since the first founding day. Knowledge, experience and expertise of Tonkla combined with the high standard curriculum from Finland will raise the quality of learning to the international level.

Learn through play

Playing is the most natural way of learning for young children. Therefore, kindergartens in Finland have incorporated playing in children’s daily routines. The learning activity design of HEI Schools Teacher Toolkit then ensures that children learn with happiness and joy.

While kids are playing, they are actually learning something

Seamlessly incorporating academics into the process of various forms of play is the curriculum’s strength. Playing is a means to develop a child holistically including emotional intelligence, confidence in social and academic skills as well as expands their competence relevant to their age range. Teachers at Tonkla will use this curriculum and teaching materials to design learning environments and processes to help children develop their life and academic skills in all activities.

What does my child achieve from this curriculum?

“Everything in this world was created from imagination, creativity and systematic thinking.”

Tonkla students will be equipped with life and learning skills while balancing their school life with happiness. They will grow up being familiar with habits of using imagination with systematic thinking processes of mathematics and sciences. They can communicate naturally and fluently in Thai and English while receiving support to grow their life skills, self-regulation and compassion to others in the world.

Teacher Alisa Pyykkönen HEI Schools Curriculum Team Leader

What children gain MORE:

Creativity, play, exploration, positive encouragement, socio-emotional skills


Evaluation and tests, stress, pressure for competition, old-style teaching

Sample of a day in Tonkla’s Kindergarten

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