We are Tonkla

We are Tonkla

We, at Tonkla School, believe that children’s learning happens when they are happy and surrounded by an environment which sparks creativity and endless learning inspirations. We then determine to develop a school to serve as a second home and a safe haven for children. They will be cared for with love physically and mentally through our carefully crafted learning process so that they will grow on their own paths and become huge, strong trees in the future.


The year Tonkla School was founded.

7.9 ac

The size of the total space of the school.


The number of the students we have now.

  1. We started building the school from experts in early childhood education, psychology and education administration who believe in “Happiness is the beginning of learning.” 
  2. We believe that learning happens in a child’s daily activities which is the core objective and an important process in learning design. 
  3. Tonkla is an alternative school that helps children equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to design their future paths at all levels.
  4. The learning activities focus on supporting individual students to design their own learning journey according to their interests and needs.
  5. We are located at Tambon Nong Jom, Amphur Sansai, Chiang Mai, only 15 minutes from the city center.
  6. Of  almost 7.9 acres, only one third of our area is the school buildings. The rest is dedicated to outdoor learning areas designed for age range as well as open space for children to spend their time outdoor learning while classrooms and other facilities help enhance learning and 21st century skills and nurture imagination. 
  1. Tonkla school is open for students from 2-12 years old, from pre-kindergarten to grade 6.
  2. The school designed spaces for various activities such as a swimming pool for early years children, Tonkla’s Institute of Sensory Integration (TISI), Happy Digital Learning Space, Fine Art Space and Imagineering Lab.
  3. Not only life skills are emphasized, academic and digital skills are what the school focus through learning activity design. Emotional and social Intelligence is embedded in routines and daily learning programs using positive psychology learning tools from Finland or Positive Learning Finland to help students learn happily. 
  4. Tonkla School has professional nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and counselor psychiatrists under the Well-Being team to appropriately help take care of students physically and mentally according to the nature of their age range. 
  5. The proportion of lesson time is alloted half to study in Thai and the other half in English (all levels). There are English homeroom teachers in every classroom (from kindergarten 3 to grade 6)
  6. Tonkla students can study abroad, in international schools, in provincial private schools inside and outside Chiang Mai in both English and Thai programs and homeschool.
  7. At Tonkla, we place importance on love and care for students, also safety in all aspects and strong family engagement for each child’s development.
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